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After working with trauma for many years we  have a unique way of viewing injuries. Trauma is potentially comprised of physical, mental, and emotional layers.

Our belief regarding the physical layer of trauma is that the velocity, speed, and pressure which create an injury are critical in determining the width, depth, and volume of an injury. For example; a papercut will affect the immediate area, the skin, blood, lymphatic system, and surrounding tissue. A broken bone will have a much greater depth and impact. The degree of trauma will result in multiple systems being compromised; therefore, it is imperative to realize an injury is greater than it’s location.

We believe injuries fall into two categories: Discriminatory Injury (DI) and Non Discriminatory Injury (NDI). A DI is when the brain is first to react to an anticipated event. The sequence of a DI is: brain reacts, body reacts, absorption of injury to body, and cellular memory created and stored. An NDI  is when the impact to the body is prior to the brain knowing; (e.x. the brain has/had no foresight of the oncoming injury). The sequence of a NDI is: absorption of injury, body reacts, brain reacts, and cellular memory created and stored.

Most injuries fall under the category of DI. When this is determined mental and emotional components play a roll in the injury.  We must resolve all layers to reconcile trauma. NDI injuries tend to mend quickly because the injury is primarily physically based.

Honoring the true pathway of trauma results in the alleviation of an injury. It is  our responsibility to pinpoint the location, length, and systems involved.

Treatment of an injury is determined by the overall pathway. This may culminate in the use of multiple modalities. We employ Cranial Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation, Quantum Reflex Integration, Neurofeedback, Homeopathy, MRS 2000+, and utilize various energy/frequency equipment.

We continue to explore different modalities to further the healing process.

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