What is happening today

Things have changed quite a bit at the Cranial Sacral Therapy Center.  What a difference a year, a day, even a minute can make.

We have spent the last year working with 3 autistic, violent teenage and adults males:  Brendan, Matthew and JR.  They are compassionate, loving, gentle, etc.; yet they are also mean, scary and very violent.  Brendan’s mom continues to suffer from a growing number of concussions; while Matthew is at the beginning stages for showing violent tendencies; and JR is extremely physically abusive to himself he has now evolved to family members.

All the parents and families are wonderful; with deep concerns as to the future of their children.  We have formed a group of families working towards the common goal of finding a permanent home for their child.  It is a daunting adventure; yet they will prevail.

We now have a radio station:  www.blogtalkradio/awakeningthefrequencies.com.  The radio show was created for these three families to tell their stories of what we term “The Hidden Side of Autism”.  Each family is taking a turn in telling the story of their child:  where they have come from to where they are today.  They are worth hearing.

The radio show also features programs on traditional and non-traditional methodologies; as well as spiritual and energetic programs.  It is the goal of the show to share as much information on many subjects that enhance our body, mind and spirit.

Going forward we will be updating a case every week as well as relaying information captured during the week.  We do not operate from a menu or table of contents as we live in real time and will not know the update until the week is through.

Join us on our adventure.  If there is a subject you would like us to explore, please feel free to contact us at cstblessings.com.

Many Blessings to You.


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