The case of JR: an Autistic Adult

For the next few months we will be following the case of JR, an adult autistic man who has developed into a self-abusive and violent person.  We were introduced to JR after he became extremely self-abusive.  We will be uploading a video of some of his actions in the next update so readers and viewers can see what JR and his family have been dealing with.

We see JR three times a week and last week he was doing better with less frequencies of abusive behavior; however, per his mother’s update of today he has had a very difficult day.  When the day’s are difficult it requires the family sometimes holding him down to stop his self-injurious behavior.  He can hit his head over and over and over…………… if he is in a boxing match with each hit getting harder and harder.  It is very difficult to watch.  JR does wear a helmet and often times will ask to put it on when he is feeling this way.

What was unique about this week was the ability to feel the left parietal lobe become agitated and the agitation increase going down the right side of his central nervous system (CNS), coming up the left and back into the parietal lobe.  Have you ever seen a storm coming and the clouds are brewing, rolling in thickness just waiting to let the torrent out?  That is exactly how his parietal lobe felt.  JR calls it the “jiggys” and it certainly felt like that.  We are trying through various modalities, supplements, prescriptions, etc., to eliminate this jiggy feeling; as this is the feeling that sets him off.

Once the “jiggys” returned to the parietal lobe and calmed down it is amazing how quickly JR calms down.  The question is:  How do we prevent the parietal lobe from creating this jiggy feeling?  Any ideas out there – we are open to hearing them.


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