JR Update

JR survived Thanksgiving; however, he had many outbursts and violent actions.  His mom is taking him outside more often and running with him.  We find exerting their excess energy helps in reducing the outbursts.

JR’s first two sessions this week has resulted in violent outbursts during treatment.  We are able to get him calmed down before he leaves.  JR is highly sensitive and when a shift occurs internally to his body he feels it.  The problem with this is he does not understand the feeling so considers it scary and reacts violently – we think it helps him process the shift faster.  We are trying to get him to stay still and complete the shift.  One thing we have him do is keep his chin straight.  This way he concentrates on his chin rather than what he is feeling.  Once the shift is done – JR calms down.

We still can feel this cloud-like thunderous pool in the mid parietals crossing the midline.  We think this is the cause of his “jiggers”.  Yesterday we connected the stomach, throat and head; where his mother lightly held his stomach, while we worked on his neck and head.  JR remained calm as long as all points were connected.  Once we disconnected the points he would become agitated quite quickly.

We have taught JR to open his crown chakra and let the “jigs” come out.  We are still trying to get him to understand he should close the chakra after the “jigs” are gone.  He can also direct the “jigs” down his body and out his root chakra or his feet.

We are also running colors and he is now in his fifth color.  This, as other colors, is taking some time to process (can take weeks).  He has been processing this color since before Thanksgiving and it is only half way done.

As we said we are open to trying anything; but not invasive due to his sensitivities.  We welcome any comments.



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