A New Year begins for JR

A new year has begun for JR.  For a week or two he stopped hitting his head and started hitting his left side from his pancreas and spleen, down through the kidney and into the intestines finally ending up in the bladder and penis.  There are times he urinates without problems and other times he has very difficult times urinating.  Bowel movements are regular.

Next week JR will be tested for urinary tract issues; amongst other things.  This will be done using a diagnostic piece of equipment measuring many different things.  We are looking for what is causing this constant hitting.

JR has also advanced to putting his face very close to another’s.  He does this with such speed and the ability to sense where to be less than one inch away and stop.  For one who does not know he can come so close there usually is a defensive reaction – which is easily understood.  If your child is doing this try and maintain your space.  Do not let your child see he can intimidate you – as once that happens usually full impact comes sooner than later.

We will let you all know what the results of the tests are next week.  We are looking for answers and are open to any suggestions.



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