Week of February 9, 2015 – Update on JR

This week started off with JR seeing a new osteopath.  His session went well until it was finished and he returned to his outbursts immediately following the session.  The doctor was surpised; but he also felt the same left sided restrictions in the skull.

We tried a new machine on JR in which a woman with biofeedback experience came and did.  It was interesting to see the results.  Presently JR is being put on a new supplemental regiment; as well as waiting for new blood test results.  We hope with combining new and updated information we can formulate a plan for prescriptions, supplements, probiotics, etc.

He had a couple of good days with his teacher.  He was able to contain his outbursts; but when the session completed they returned.  Sometimes when JR holds the outburst in they can produce a much longer and more aggravated response.  It is admirable when he tries to contain himself; as you can see it in every fiber of his being.

One thing we have noticed is he would start a sentence and then go off in gibberish language.  His mother said right before he lost his speech he started doing that.  It was as if his brain could not come up with the words for the rest of the sentence.  We are hoping this is a good sign and showing a reversal.  Reversals are when symptoms reappear.  This is usually a good sign; as reversals under normal circumstances tend to last one to three days and disappear for good.  It is the body’s way of recognizing a trauma and releasing it.

With JR we can only wait and see.  He has been doing this for the better part of the week.  We are also having his urinary tract and male anatomy checked by his doctor as we can definitely feel pulls into those areas.  According to his mother JR will sometimes grab between his legs but she is not sure what he is grabbing as it is hard to tell; hence we await to hear what the doctor says.

Overall we do see some improvement.  His outbursts are changing – and by changing we mean he is doing different things.  He is definitely testing his boundaries – in which he will throw himself or his arms so close to you it is amazing he knows exactly where to stop prior to impact.  We are all very aware of this.  The trick is not to move when he is doing this as the old adage says:  give him an inch and he will take a mile.

We continue to press on.


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