Energetic Eruptions

We are energetic beings.  I believe when each one of us was developing in-utero energetic connections were taking place long before the development of our physical makeup.  During trauma these energetic connections can disrupt and erupt causing our injury to never heal.

Overtime I have had the unique experience of working with people who have/had injuries that would not heal.  They tried numerous modalities, including surgery, to no avail.  To me, the one thing they all had in common was internally the area of trauma was always black in color.  Some of them would say their insides were black.

Each time the color black became apparent I searched for answers.  After trying many things, I began shining God’s light into these dark areas and to my surprise they would light up and provide a direction to continue.  What was not expected:  hearing growling, seeing figures of animals, people, etc.  Many times the client would see or hear something as well.  As crazy as this sounds it is real.

So what and why is this happening?  After many, many cases I formulated a theory and call it:  Energetic Eruptions.  These are not injuries to the bone, muscle, tendons, etc., but trauma to the energetic system in which each and everyone of us have.

When a trauma is so large or multiple traumas layered upon each other, the energetic system would burst causing an Energetic Eruption internally.  This appears as if an explosion happened internally but no organ, tissue, system, etc. burst.  There is or was not any medical diagnosis an appendix had erupted, a cyst had burst, etc.

What I have come to believe is when your trauma can not be resolved an Energetic Eruption may lie at the bottom of it.  When the Energetic Eruption is resolved the body can then continue to heal through other modalities.

So if your injury remains unresolved or your therapy is no longer working; consider speaking with a person who works with energy.  You just may find an Energetic Eruption is in the way of recovery.  Resolve it and you will be surprised as to how quickly you can and will recover.


The term “Energetic Eruption” is trademarked.





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