Awakening the Frequencies

awakening the frequencies

Awakening the Frequencies was created on behalf of three autistic boys:  Brendan, JR and Matthew.  When younger all three were a joy to be around; however, as they aged and hit puberty their violent tendencies began to appear.

This is the new form of domestic abuse: Parents and siblings being beaten up by their autistic children.  Currently there are no places for these kids to grow old.  The parents are wondering what will happen to their child as they age and they can no longer take care of them.











Awakening the Frequencies is our blog radio show about health and well-being using traditional and non-traditional approaches and/or techniques.  We have guest speakers discussing various topics and approaches to creating a better health environment for a healthier you.  In addition, there is an ongoing series on autism called “The Hidden Side of Autism” in which we discuss how the Cranial Sacral Therapy Center approaches autism through various family case studies and updates.

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