LENS Neurofeedback

We became involved in working with LENS Neurofeedback when it became clear the brain suffers trauma just like the body.  For example an emotional pattern could be created if a person is told they are not smart throughout their young life.  If these statements are repeated enough by authority figures a child will develop brain patterns associated with him/her not being smart; and therefore usually perform accordingly.

The beauty of LENS Neurofeedback is its’ ability to disentrain the brain, i.e. breakdown the established, unhealthy pattern; thereby, allowing the brain to create a new pattern or find a healthier pattern to operate under.  This is vital because sometimes underlying brain patterns can reactivate.

We always end a LENS session with a cranial vault integration.  We believe this is key to optimizing the therapy as the neurofeedback treatment highlights areas of the brain which need addressing; as well as, aides in integrating all signals sent in via LENS.

LENS is Low Energy Neurofeedback System that uses an EEG to measure the brainwaves.  It stimulates the brain to restore optimal brainwave functioning.  LENS treatment can be used in addressing a variety of conditions that appear to be associated with irregular brainwave activity such as mild trauma and stress.  In addition, research has shown that the related symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder are the result of brain dysfunction in multiple brain regions.  LENS seems capable of remedying connectivity disturbances when included as part of a treatment plan.  This is a gentle way of breaking down existing brain patterns to create more beneficial ones.

$200.00/per session