Neuropulse Therapy

Discovered and created by the founder of the Cranial Sacral Therapy Center, Kathleen Kraskouskas noticed a pulsing signal beginning in the central nervous system and ending at the respective organ, muscle, system, etc.  By following this pulse you can clear restrictions and/or problems that promote an unhealthy signal.

Consider the spine like a telephone pole.  If you go outside you will see each house has a line that runs from the main system on the street; just like our spine has lines that run to various; yet particular parts of the body.  Each line provides service to a particular destination and each line is traceable from beginning to end.

Like a telephone there tend to be three options:

  1. Open line:  System from beginning to end free and clear allowing open communication.
  2. Static line:  Minor restrictions and/or interference is found along the line preventing free and clear communication.
  3. Closed line:    Major restrictions/trauma found in or around the spine preventing signals from leaving the central nervous system to final destination.

It is imperative our systems work with “Open Lines”.  Disruption, debris, restrictions etc., found along the way will only culminate over time with other lines becoming compromised.

Neuropulse therapy uses the pulsing mechanism found in the central nervous system to assure the signal is free and clear.  If it is not clear we will find where the signal is interrupted and clear restrictions, debris, etc., to return the line to “Open”.