Energetic Eruptions

We are energetic beings.  I believe when each one of us was developing in-utero energetic connections were taking place long before the development of our physical makeup.  During trauma these energetic connections can disrupt and erupt causing our injury to never heal.

Overtime I have had the unique experience of working with people who have/had injuries that would not heal.  They tried numerous modalities, including surgery, to no avail.  To me, the one thing they all had in common was internally the area of trauma was always black in color.  Some of them would say their insides were black.

Each time the color black became apparent I searched for answers.  After trying many things, I began shining God’s light into these dark areas and to my surprise they would light up and provide a direction to continue.  What was not expected:  hearing growling, seeing figures of animals, people, etc.  Many times the client would see or hear something as well.  As crazy as this sounds it is real.

So what and why is this happening?  After many, many cases I formulated a theory and call it:  Energetic Eruptions.  These are not injuries to the bone, muscle, tendons, etc., but trauma to the energetic system in which each and everyone of us have.

When a trauma is so large or multiple traumas layered upon each other, the energetic system would burst causing an Energetic Eruption internally.  This appears as if an explosion happened internally but no organ, tissue, system, etc. burst.  There is or was not any medical diagnosis an appendix had erupted, a cyst had burst, etc.

What I have come to believe is when your trauma can not be resolved an Energetic Eruption may lie at the bottom of it.  When the Energetic Eruption is resolved the body can then continue to heal through other modalities.

So if your injury remains unresolved or your therapy is no longer working; consider speaking with a person who works with energy.  You just may find an Energetic Eruption is in the way of recovery.  Resolve it and you will be surprised as to how quickly you can and will recover.


The term “Energetic Eruption” is trademarked.





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2/18/2015 – JR’s Update

Per JR’s mom Sandy, it is no longer like one good day and then a bad day.  It is now progressed to 10 to 30 minutes of mild behavioral issues; then there is a build-up into a huge meltdown which can last for up to one hour (longest to date for JR).   JR’s Dad tends to have that more authoritative voice and can get JR to calm down faster; however, eventually it does come back.

His physical behavioral issues are lasting longer and longer – to the point of exhaustion.  It is like he has worked out for hours when he has only done movements for 15 minutes.  Then he has a short break and it starts all over again.  It is daunting to watch.  Everyone who sees it has great sympathy; but their are still no answers.

We understand JR’s testerone levels are very low and this continues to concern us.  We have asked he be checked out by a urologist to confirm he is free of any kidney/urethea/male anatomy issues.  He does complain to his parents about these areas and continues to hit them.  We think it may possibly be a torsion of the spermadic cords and is why we have recommended a urologist look at him.

He continues to see his doctors and they talk about various medications and tests; but nothing has led us in the direction that resolves these violatile movement issues.  We continue to recommend all medical intervention.

On the up side it seems he wants to talk more; as he is doing what he use to do right before he lost his words.  He continues to want hugs, human interaction and friends.  He is always asking for his pain to go away and today even prayed to God asking to be healed and peaceful.  He also asked God to give him a hug and shine his light on him.  It was very touching for us all to witness.


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Week of February 9, 2015 – Update on JR

This week started off with JR seeing a new osteopath.  His session went well until it was finished and he returned to his outbursts immediately following the session.  The doctor was surpised; but he also felt the same left sided restrictions in the skull.

We tried a new machine on JR in which a woman with biofeedback experience came and did.  It was interesting to see the results.  Presently JR is being put on a new supplemental regiment; as well as waiting for new blood test results.  We hope with combining new and updated information we can formulate a plan for prescriptions, supplements, probiotics, etc.

He had a couple of good days with his teacher.  He was able to contain his outbursts; but when the session completed they returned.  Sometimes when JR holds the outburst in they can produce a much longer and more aggravated response.  It is admirable when he tries to contain himself; as you can see it in every fiber of his being.

One thing we have noticed is he would start a sentence and then go off in gibberish language.  His mother said right before he lost his speech he started doing that.  It was as if his brain could not come up with the words for the rest of the sentence.  We are hoping this is a good sign and showing a reversal.  Reversals are when symptoms reappear.  This is usually a good sign; as reversals under normal circumstances tend to last one to three days and disappear for good.  It is the body’s way of recognizing a trauma and releasing it.

With JR we can only wait and see.  He has been doing this for the better part of the week.  We are also having his urinary tract and male anatomy checked by his doctor as we can definitely feel pulls into those areas.  According to his mother JR will sometimes grab between his legs but she is not sure what he is grabbing as it is hard to tell; hence we await to hear what the doctor says.

Overall we do see some improvement.  His outbursts are changing – and by changing we mean he is doing different things.  He is definitely testing his boundaries – in which he will throw himself or his arms so close to you it is amazing he knows exactly where to stop prior to impact.  We are all very aware of this.  The trick is not to move when he is doing this as the old adage says:  give him an inch and he will take a mile.

We continue to press on.


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A New Year begins for JR

A new year has begun for JR.  For a week or two he stopped hitting his head and started hitting his left side from his pancreas and spleen, down through the kidney and into the intestines finally ending up in the bladder and penis.  There are times he urinates without problems and other times he has very difficult times urinating.  Bowel movements are regular.

Next week JR will be tested for urinary tract issues; amongst other things.  This will be done using a diagnostic piece of equipment measuring many different things.  We are looking for what is causing this constant hitting.

JR has also advanced to putting his face very close to another’s.  He does this with such speed and the ability to sense where to be less than one inch away and stop.  For one who does not know he can come so close there usually is a defensive reaction – which is easily understood.  If your child is doing this try and maintain your space.  Do not let your child see he can intimidate you – as once that happens usually full impact comes sooner than later.

We will let you all know what the results of the tests are next week.  We are looking for answers and are open to any suggestions.



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JR Update

JR survived Thanksgiving; however, he had many outbursts and violent actions.  His mom is taking him outside more often and running with him.  We find exerting their excess energy helps in reducing the outbursts.

JR’s first two sessions this week has resulted in violent outbursts during treatment.  We are able to get him calmed down before he leaves.  JR is highly sensitive and when a shift occurs internally to his body he feels it.  The problem with this is he does not understand the feeling so considers it scary and reacts violently – we think it helps him process the shift faster.  We are trying to get him to stay still and complete the shift.  One thing we have him do is keep his chin straight.  This way he concentrates on his chin rather than what he is feeling.  Once the shift is done – JR calms down.

We still can feel this cloud-like thunderous pool in the mid parietals crossing the midline.  We think this is the cause of his “jiggers”.  Yesterday we connected the stomach, throat and head; where his mother lightly held his stomach, while we worked on his neck and head.  JR remained calm as long as all points were connected.  Once we disconnected the points he would become agitated quite quickly.

We have taught JR to open his crown chakra and let the “jigs” come out.  We are still trying to get him to understand he should close the chakra after the “jigs” are gone.  He can also direct the “jigs” down his body and out his root chakra or his feet.

We are also running colors and he is now in his fifth color.  This, as other colors, is taking some time to process (can take weeks).  He has been processing this color since before Thanksgiving and it is only half way done.

As we said we are open to trying anything; but not invasive due to his sensitivities.  We welcome any comments.



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The case of JR: an Autistic Adult

For the next few months we will be following the case of JR, an adult autistic man who has developed into a self-abusive and violent person.  We were introduced to JR after he became extremely self-abusive.  We will be uploading a video of some of his actions in the next update so readers and viewers can see what JR and his family have been dealing with.

We see JR three times a week and last week he was doing better with less frequencies of abusive behavior; however, per his mother’s update of today he has had a very difficult day.  When the day’s are difficult it requires the family sometimes holding him down to stop his self-injurious behavior.  He can hit his head over and over and over……………..as if he is in a boxing match with each hit getting harder and harder.  It is very difficult to watch.  JR does wear a helmet and often times will ask to put it on when he is feeling this way.

What was unique about this week was the ability to feel the left parietal lobe become agitated and the agitation increase going down the right side of his central nervous system (CNS), coming up the left and back into the parietal lobe.  Have you ever seen a storm coming and the clouds are brewing, rolling in thickness just waiting to let the torrent out?  That is exactly how his parietal lobe felt.  JR calls it the “jiggys” and it certainly felt like that.  We are trying through various modalities, supplements, prescriptions, etc., to eliminate this jiggy feeling; as this is the feeling that sets him off.

Once the “jiggys” returned to the parietal lobe and calmed down it is amazing how quickly JR calms down.  The question is:  How do we prevent the parietal lobe from creating this jiggy feeling?  Any ideas out there – we are open to hearing them.


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What is happening today

Things have changed quite a bit at the Cranial Sacral Therapy Center.  What a difference a year, a day, even a minute can make.

We have spent the last year working with 3 autistic, violent teenage and adults males:  Brendan, Matthew and JR.  They are compassionate, loving, gentle, etc.; yet they are also mean, scary and very violent.  Brendan’s mom continues to suffer from a growing number of concussions; while Matthew is at the beginning stages for showing violent tendencies; and JR is extremely physically abusive to himself he has now evolved to family members.

All the parents and families are wonderful; with deep concerns as to the future of their children.  We have formed a group of families working towards the common goal of finding a permanent home for their child.  It is a daunting adventure; yet they will prevail.

We now have a radio station:  www.blogtalkradio/awakeningthefrequencies.com.  The radio show was created for these three families to tell their stories of what we term “The Hidden Side of Autism”.  Each family is taking a turn in telling the story of their child:  where they have come from to where they are today.  They are worth hearing.

The radio show also features programs on traditional and non-traditional methodologies; as well as spiritual and energetic programs.  It is the goal of the show to share as much information on many subjects that enhance our body, mind and spirit.

Going forward we will be updating a case every week as well as relaying information captured during the week.  We do not operate from a menu or table of contents as we live in real time and will not know the update until the week is through.

Join us on our adventure.  If there is a subject you would like us to explore, please feel free to contact us at cstblessings.com.

Many Blessings to You.


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Welcome to the Cranial Sacral Therapy Center


After working with trauma for many years we  have a unique way of viewing injuries. Trauma is potentially comprised of physical, mental, and emotional layers.

Our belief regarding the physical layer of trauma is that the velocity, speed, and pressure which create an injury are critical in determining the width, depth, and volume of an injury. For example; a papercut will affect the immediate area, the skin, blood, lymphatic system, and surrounding tissue. A broken bone will have a much greater depth and impact. The degree of trauma will result in multiple systems being compromised; therefore, it is imperative to realize an injury is greater than it’s location.

We believe injuries fall into two categories: Discriminatory Injury (DI) and Non Discriminatory Injury (NDI). A DI is when the brain is first to react to an anticipated event. The sequence of a DI is: brain reacts, body reacts, absorption of injury to body, and cellular memory created and stored. An NDI  is when the impact to the body is prior to the brain knowing; (e.x. the brain has/had no foresight of the oncoming injury). The sequence of a NDI is: absorption of injury, body reacts, brain reacts, and cellular memory created and stored.

Most injuries fall under the category of DI. When this is determined mental and emotional components play a roll in the injury.  We must resolve all layers to reconcile trauma. NDI injuries tend to mend quickly because the injury is primarily physically based.

Honoring the true pathway of trauma results in the alleviation of an injury. It is  our responsibility to pinpoint the location, length, and systems involved.

Treatment of an injury is determined by the overall pathway. This may culminate in the use of multiple modalities. We employ Cranial Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation, Quantum Reflex Integration, Neurofeedback, Homeopathy, MRS 2000+, and utilize various energy/frequency equipment.

We continue to explore different modalities to further the healing process.

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