Views on Trauma

Welcome to the Cranial Sacral Therapy Center’s (CST Center) blog.  The CST Center will be sharing information on all kinds of items related to energy, frequency, various modalities and client cases.  There are so many things to discuss and our menu will have no order.  As things arise so will the topic.

We begin with our most recent support of three autistic, adult male clients you as they aged have become violent to themselves and others.  We created a radio show so family members, relatives, friends and experts can speak out about this new form of domestic violence.

The intention of this blog is to be forthright with how we think; regardless if our opinion is popular.  One of those issues is the amount of time mothers spend with family members with autism. Not to trivialize; however, fathers and siblings are able to spend time away from the day to day existence; but a mother does not have such license.  Mothers are the constant companion of and for an autistic child.

The three mothers we are working with:  Rose, Sandy and Garlyn are phenomenal woman.  Their strength, courage and resiliency can outdo any top athlete.  We owe a lot to the woman of the world who are primary caregivers.  Their suffering, in society, for the most part goes unnoticed.

As the three men have aged it has become clear these amazing women can no longer, or within a very short time frame, be able to care for their adult sons.  So we have created a mission to obtain property, build permanent housing, and create a sustainable community where autistic adults can live and thrive.

We will be updating this mission often on our blog.  Please see our autism blog to find and learn about the three adult, autistic males this mission was formed for.

We hope you have a wonderful day and value any input you may want to share.

Blessings to all of you!


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