The Human Triad

What is the Human Triad?  It consists of three components:  Body, Spirit and Mind.

What happens when the Human Triad is in trauma?  First we tend to notice trauma in the body.  Something is causing or creating discomfort or pain.  When pain is unresolved it will create a restriction in our body that prevents harmonious interactions with our Spirit and Mind.

When we look deeper into why we have discomfort or pain the “spirit” usually rises.  We seek answers beyond the traditional one’s and may look for other alternatives to resolve the injury.  Most importantly we start listening to ourselves with questions arising from deep within recesses we may have not previously paid attention to.  Listen to your spirit.  Hear the questions it raises and truly look for answers to resolve them.

The most difficult part of the triad usually is the mind.  The mind has developed patterns since in-utero and sometimes these patterns are deeply entrenched.  So deeply, the brain patterns do not change when the body and spirit have changed.  Breaking or dis-entraining the brain can be key to returning harmony to the Human Triad.

Any way you look at it, the Human Triad must be in sync in order for one to be truly whole.  So, when you are looking to recover from an injury, check into your Human Triad and sense the interaction between the three parts.  If you can question all three components and the same answer arises from each part –  you are living healthy and most importantly in agreement.