JR Update – 11/17/15

JR arrived with his mom and entered the office seemingly stable; however, within a couple of minutes he was at his usual:  throwing his body, screaming, etc.  He complained of his back hurting and constantly requesting we work on it.  The problem is the work can not get done if he continues with his aggression.  Eventually he asked to go outside for a walk.  We did.

Kathleen worked on him energetically connecting with his higher self and spending a lot of time on his brain.  What was most noticeable was the lack of oxygen on the left side; so, bringing in oxygen became the primary issue.  We even tried to teach him to breathe oxygen into very particular parts of his body – most importantly the one’s he brought up.

Linda spent time walking with JR while teaching him some chanting to God and balancing alpha/omega.  Energy work is key as we navigate his body’s aggressive actions.

His mom left for a break.  She was so happy to be able to have some time to her self.  She left for 90% of the session and when she returned was very calm and happy to have had some of her “own time”